Does my child need assistance with handwriting? 

July 25, 2019

BY Chanae' Jones

The upcoming school year is just that, upcoming!

Is your little writer ready for the year? 

Let's discuss a few things to look for when assessing your little ones handwriting ages 3+: 

  • How does your child grasp the color or pencil? full handed? four fingers? or maybe with their thumb facing downward? 
  • How does your child form shapes or letters? Do they start from the bottom up?
  • What is the shade of the written work? is it really light? or super dark?
  • When forming letters are letters reversed or flipped upside down? 
  • When writing are the letters and shapes spaced far apart? or are they close together and difficult to read? 
  • When writing or coloring how is your child seated? slouched posture? or feet not touching the floor? 
  • When cutting pictures, how are the scissors grasped? thumb down?  does your child cut with both hands? does their tongue stick out when cutting?  

If you have answered yes to at least 3 of the questions let's get the conversation started. There are several tools and ideas you can use to help your little one with handwriting.

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May your days be filled with laughter and great memories!

Chanae' Jones, MOTR